Embrace – Bandana

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Royal Blue
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Size Guide

Centimeters M L
Length 44 cm 54 cm
Width 44 cm 54 cm
Inches M L
Length 17 โ…œ inch 21 ยผ inch
Width 17 โ…œ inch 21 ยผ inch

A multifunctional Christian Bandana

This royal blue bandana features a seamless pattern adorned with crosses and ornate Christian motifs, making it a timeless accessory for believers.

Crafted for comfort and versatility, this bandana can be worn as a headband, necktie, or armband. Even your beloved pets can partake in this expression of faith with our size-small option. Made from soft, lightweight material, it’s perfect for daily use.

Wearing a Christian bandana holds profound meaning for those of faith. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to share your belief with the world. Each cross and ornament on the bandana represents a piece of your spiritual journey, a testament to the love and grace you find in your relationship with Christ.

Whether you’re seeking comfort, making a statement, or demonstrating your unwavering faith, our Christian bandana in royal blue is the perfect accessory. Embrace its multifunctionality and wear it with pride, symbolizing your connection to Christ.

โ€ข 65% recycled polyester, 35% polyester
โ€ข Double-folded edges
โ€ข Single-sided

Size Chart

Size Chart

Length (inches) 17 โ…œ 21 ยผ 25 ยผ
Width (inches) 17 โ…œ 21 ยผ 25 ยผ
Length (cm) 44 54 64
Width (cm) 44 54 64