Psalm 104:24-25 – Poster with hangers

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Everything included

Shipped with complete Hanging Hardware and string

Magnetic grip

The Poster is secured from both sides by magnets on the hanger

Premium Print

High-resolution printing on paper with vivid colors

Quality Materials

Natural oak for wood hangar & hardwood lime for white and black hangers

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Perfect Home Decoration: Christian Poster with Psalms 104:24-25

Immerse your space in spiritual reflection with our vivid and colorful Christian poster. Featuring the profound scripture from Psalms 104:24-25:

“O Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions. This great and wide sea, In which are innumerable teeming things, Living things both small and great.”

Accompanying this scripture is a stunning depiction of a serene lake, reflecting the hues of a breathtaking sunset, and adorned with a group of pelicans swimming gracefully.

Complete Poster Hanging Equipment

This poster is designed for effortless display, arriving with comprehensive hanging equipment. Choose from black, white, or wooden hangers, each equipped with top and bottom bars secured by magnets for stability. Additionally, a matching string is included. The high-resolution printing ensures the vividness and detail of the artwork making it a high quality decoration for your home.

Meaning of Psalms 104:24-25

Psalms 104:24-25 is a passage within the Book of Psalms that praises the Creator for the beauty and diversity found in the natural world. It celebrates God’s wisdom and creativity in forming the Earth and its inhabitants, acknowledging His sovereignty over all creation. The verses highlight the richness and abundance of God’s works, from the vastness of the seas to the smallest living creatures, emphasizing His ownership and care for the entire universe. The passage serves as a reflection on the majesty of God’s creation and invites reverence and awe for His divine craftsmanship.

โ€ข Hangers made from natural wood
โ€ข Hanger piece thickness: 0.2โ€ณ (0.5 mm)
โ€ข Hanger piece width: 0.79โ€ณ (2 cm)
โ€ข Poster secured by magnets from both sides
โ€ข Comes with a matching string