Jesus Christ “Ecce Homo” – Framed Poster

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Shipped with Hanging Hardware and Acrylite Front Protector

Matte finish

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Ayous wood frame

A very light, exotic wood

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Framed Poster of the timeless Painting of Jesus Christ from Matteo Cerezo

Reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice with our reprint of Mateo Cerezo’s renowned masterpiece, “Ecce Homo.” This gripping painting captures the agony and grace of Christ as he bears the weight of humanity’s sins. Depicted in vivid detail against a black canvas backdrop. Clad in a red robe and crowned with thorns, Jesus exudes both suffering and divine majesty. His hands are bound in rope, symbolizing the imminent crucifixion.

Chrsitian Meaning and Significance

Through Cerezo’s masterful brushwork, “Ecce Homo” transcends mere representation to convey the profound theological truth of Jesus Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. As viewers contemplate the scene, they are invited to meditate on the enormity of Christ’s love and the depth of his commitment to humanity. Despite the anguish depicted, there is a palpable sense of victory underlying the painting. A victory over sin and death, as Christ willingly embraces his fate to offer salvation to all.

Power of the Painting

This reprint of “Ecce Homo” serves as a powerful reminder of Christ’s enduring love and the hope found in his sacrifice. It is not merely a piece of art but a testament to faith, inspiring viewers to reflect on the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Whether displayed in a home environment or offered as a gift, this painting serves as a focal point for contemplation and spiritual growth.


  • Available in various sizes and colors to suit your space and preference.
  • Comes with hanging hardware included for easy installation.
  • Printed on matte paper using water-based inkjet printing for detailed and vibrant colors.

Experience the Majesty of “Ecce Homo”

Bring the profound beauty and significance of Mateo Cerezo’s “Ecce Homo” into your home or share it with loved ones as a meaningful gift. With its striking imagery and rich theological symbolism, this reprint serves as a timeless expression of faith and devotion, inviting viewers to encounter the transformative power of Christ’s sacrifice.

About the Painter Matteo Cerezo

Mateo Cerezo, born in Burgos around 1635, was a celebrated Spanish Baroque painter. He specialized in religious subjects, drawing inspiration from prominent Baroque masters like Diego Velรกzquez and Francisco de Zurbarรกn. Cerezo’s artistry conveyed profound spiritual depth and emotional resonance, making him a revered figure in Spanish art. His legacy includes iconic works such as “Ecce Homo,” which continue to captivate audiences with their timeless beauty and spiritual significance.

Ayous wood .75โ€ณ (1.9 cm) thick frame from renewable forests
Acrylite front protector included
Comes with hanging hardware